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A small hand luggage per person is allowed, which must weigh a maximum of 10 kilos. It measures maximum 55 cm. x 35 cm. x 25 cm. (Height, length, and width), about the same size as a tote bag on a commercial airline flight. Your baggage will be inspected for size and weight when you arrive at the departure point boarding.

You can also bring personal items such as a laptop, tablet, purse, periodicals, or a folio. Golf clubs are only allowed on charter flights.

AEROPOSTA reserves the right to refuse luggage or pets that are considered too heavy or large. In this case, AEROPOSTA will put the luggage in another mode of transport to the destination of the traveler, by the user.

If you have excess baggage or large baggage, aerostar will place your baggage in another means of transport to the destination of the traveler, on behalf of the user. If there is space, AEROPOSTA will make an effort to place your item on a later flight.

Si su vuelo se retrasa o cancela debido al clima o cualquier otra circunstancia, AEROPOSTA le notificará por correo electrónico, mensaje de texto, teléfono o notificación en la aplicación. También puede ver el estado de su vuelo al ver Tus próximos viajes.

No se cobrará una tarifa adicional de reserva por todos los pedidos realizados a través de los servicios de transporte de AEROPOSTA, pero le sugerimos hacer sus reservas utilizando la Aplicación AEROPOSTA o ingresando en la página WEB.

All passengers must have an identification (DNI or Argentine passport) or valid passport from their country

If the child she is traveling with is less than 2 years old, she can sit on her lap during the flight. If the child is over 2 years old, the law requires that she have her own seat.

Pets under 10 kilograms are allowed, at the discretion of AIRPORT. Dogs or cats must be able to be placed in a carry bag or sit on a passenger’s lap. If your pet is a service animal, please contact us at the time of your reservation.

See the AEROPOSTA address here. For all other airports, the addresses will be sent to you in the reservation confirmation email, or you can contact our customer service. In the case of charter flights to or from destinations not included, ask for the corresponding addresses.

Flights are confirmed on the order in which they are received. Once your flight has found your place on the list we will confirm it. We will do everything possible to confirm your flight as soon as possible.

Charters: In case you arrive late to your charter, there will be a charge of US $ 50 for every 15 minutes after programmed departure time. These costs are derived from a combination of downtime, repositioning costs and hours of work.

Scheduled flights: Flights can not be boarded after the starting time.

For various reasons, you can receive AEROPOSTA credits to use on future flights with AEROPOSTA. AEROPOSTA credits can be applied at the time of purchase to the price of an individual seat or a shared flight, unless otherwise indicated. You can see how much you have accumulated in credits by going to your profile in the application. AEROPOSTA credits will remain in your account and will expire twelve (12) months after the date you receive them. Notwithstanding the foregoing, credits received as a discount for a referral in accordance with the referral schedule will expire at the end of the calendar year in which they were added to your account.

The flight times vary according to your route. The estimated flight times are indicated during the reservation process. After making the reservation, you can see the information about the flights in the next area flights from your application. Keep in mind that flight times are affected and may be longer than indicated due to a number of factors, such as the total load of the aircraft or meteorology among others.

The main difference is the potential savings. By launching a shared charter flight, you fly when you want and have the potential to earn credits for seats purchased by other users on your flight. Both options offer the same highly trained aviation team and pilots. Except for exclusive charter flights, you must board at the scheduled time. We cannot change departure times as other people are flying with you.

We collect the weight of each traveler in order to help our operator control the total weight load of each flight. This is an ANAC regulation that must be followed to ensure your safety and the safety of those who fly with you. There is no defined weight limit per passenger, but there is a general weight limit and an assigned distribution per aircraft. We strictly adhere to this. AEROPOSTA reserves the right to request a traveler seat, change flight schedules or purchase additional seats due to these regulations.

AEROPOSTA is the first digitally driven aviation company. Membership is not required, although we recommend that you obtain it to achieve cumulative benefits. Just download the AEROPOSTA app here or visit AEROPOSTA in your web browser.
Flights can be booked to the most requested destinations in seconds. The application allows users to launch their own exclusive charter flights, shared charter or reserve individual seats on a scheduled flight.

Share your code with a friend, who will receive a discount on your first flight and you will be rewarded with a credit. It does not apply for charter flights