7 top proposals for Puerto Natales

The city of Puerto Natales is ideal to get to know  the Torres del Paine, but it has much more. We tell you 7 unmissable tips if you are there.

Torres del Paine National Park

It is undoubtedly the main column of this region and the number 1 attraction of Chilean Patagonia. Ideal for ‘trekking’, hiking and multi-day hike with night camps included, this natural reserve of flora and fauna is the pride of Chileans. The paradise for those who love the mountains.

cuevas del milodon

The Monster of Natales

The Milodon Caves allow us a direct trip to prehistory to understand and imagine the size of one of the largest animals that inhabited this area, known as “Milodon”. In addition to the cave itself, the guide’s story and the tour they propose is perfect. An ideal walk for the family where surely the little ones will be surprised.

La Nao Victoria

A little further afield, in the city of Punta Arenas it is possible to appreciate one of the best preserved jewels from the times of the conquest: the Nao Victoria. It is an old galleon replica of a period ship now a museum, which allows us to go back to the times when Magellan set out to conquer the world and found the union of two oceans, a milestone that history would baptize with his name.


The Gray Glacier

From Puerto Natales you can get to know one of the most beautiful glaciers in Patagonia. The tour is not only contemplative, but also invites you to put on your crampons and walk on the ice. A unique experience for those who love the adventure of living under the command and hostility of nature.

The City Museum

The Municipal Historical Museum shows an important collection of objects and pieces of important historical and cultural value that reached our days thanks to the contribution of the first families and anthropological findings based on the study of the original communities that inhabited this southern region of the world.


On horseback is something else

They say that to get to know a place, you have to do it slowly. A horseback ride around Torres del Paine or around the outskirts of the city of Puerto Natales is an ideal alternative for both groups or families. On horseback, everything is seen in a different way and the landscapes that are passed here are truly heavenly

Seafood and fish from another world

Whoever is in the Puerto Natales area, either for tourism or passing through, cannot miss one of the restaurants in this city and enjoy the treasures that are served in each dish. The best seafood in the world eagerly awaits the arrival of each diner. Although you do not believe it…