End of the World, Beginning of Everything

That mythical region, far away, immense. When touring it, the visitor can observe the movement of Mother Earth. At the end of the Patagonian steppe, already in the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, the Andes Mountains impose itself on the landscape showing glacial valleys, peatlands, ancient forests to finally reach a paradise in the south. USHUAIA, unique city, capital of the Province offers its natural and cultural beauties, services infrastructure so that those who know it will never forget it.

Ushuaia end of the world. The people of Ushuaia welcome you

The images are shocking. Colors throughout the year. The blue of summer; the ocher of autumn; the white of winter and the green of spring. Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world invites you to know it, to live it and enjoy it intensely at any time.

Ushuaia celebrates its birthday on October 12. Why? Back in 1884 the expedition led by Commodore Augusto Lasserre created the Ushuaia Subprefecture on the shores of the Beagle Channel. For the first time the Argentine flag is raised in these latitudes. From that moment until today the city has developed starting as a small town with a hundred inhabitants to become the current booming town with almost one hundred thousand permanent inhabitants and the visit of around five hundred thousand tourists annually.

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The Martial Glacier is an attraction near the city (its base is located only 7 km from the center) ideal for a half-day walk. Its wide path shows along its 900 m. imposing views of Ushuaia. With the winter snowfalls it becomes an excellent place for beginners to alpine skiing and snowboarding. On the other hand, the summer landscapes allow a beautiful hiking experience.
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The Bahía Encerrada Urban Nature Reserve is a natural, historical, cultural space, a nesting environment for birds. Today an example of environmental remediation. It offers beautiful views of the city through a planned tour with viewpoints that make it possible to feel very close to nature.

La Nave Tierra, an experimental house where you can appreciate the different techniques of self-sustaining construction.

The characteristic Saint Christopher is a ship beached on the shores of the Beagle Channel for almost a century. She arrived here with the mission of participating in the rescue of the Monte Cervantes cruise ship that was shipwrecked in her waters. She unfortunately she could not achieve it today forming part of the coastal landscape.

The Paseo de los Artesanos located in the Plaza 25 de Mayo is the place where local artisans meet to offer the public their regional articles made of lenga wood, weaving on a loom, products with sheep wool, stones and other elements where images of the city are reflected.

The mythical Welcome to the City of the End of the World poster, where many people pose daily to reflect their stay in Ushuaia, is averaging the coastal route with the Beagle Channel as the background of a unique painting.

Ushuaia is a gateway city to Antarctica. The Walk of the Antarctic Pioneers is a tour where you can see the faces of the brave expedition members who dared to set foot on the White Continent in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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