Caleta Olivia is the place where you can discover the world of oil by visiting the June 26 Theme Park, the Well 0 12, the first in the region together with the “Cacho Camino” Cultural Center, which was built with the architectural line of the city and proposes a tour of the first houses in the historic center of the city. From the entrance you will be welcomed by the monument to the oil worker “Gorosito” with his profile facing north, which is the destination of production. It is the first point of the Tourist Corridor of the Blue Route that runs next to the sea along the route of the RN 3 in Santa Cruz soil. It is 78 kilometers from Comodoro Rivadavia in the neighboring province of Chubut, and the catch of the day is a classic in the local gastronomy. The geographical feature that gives it the name of “cove” has been a Municipal Natural Reserve since 1992 and its coastal marine profile is characterized by its majestic cliffs, fine sand beaches and boulders, with a landscape populated by a varied birdlife. But here, the Patagonian steppe opens to the west of the route and draws a unique natural attraction of plateaus that reach the sea, forming the characteristic Patagonian cliffs. The environment exhibits the typical species of the Patagonian fauna: guanacos, martinetas, European hares, caranchos, harriers, the small guinea pig and the black eagle among others. The flora is typical of arid soils, with low shrubs, and shows malaspina, peach, quillimbay, cat’s claw, zampa and coirón llama that can be seen throughout the year.

Places to go: coastal walk

The city of Caleta Olivia offers the tourist an infinity of activities and places to know in its territory and its surroundings where you can learn about the history, geography and fauna of the town.

The greatest attraction of this city of Santa Cruz is, without a doubt, its typically Patagonian coastline that presents an unforgettable postcard between majestic cliffs and beaches of fine sand and pebbles.

The coast is ideal for walks at low tide bordering the cove where you can see seagulls, cormorants and some mussels, snails, stars and sea urchins, green, red and brown algae on the rocks. Or cycling along the Paseo Costero, which is a tourist attraction due to its extension from north to south of the city, ending with a panoramic view of Puerto Caleta Paula.

If we travel 10 km to the south along National Route No. 3 we arrive at Lobería Punta Sur in Puerto Caleta Paula, a rookery for one-haired sea lions from an important population that can be visited at any time of the year. This species is declared a Municipal Natural Monument.

Also, if what you want is to know the flora and fauna of the place, we can make an Interpretive Trail 15 km south of the town belonging to the Center for Sports Activities in Support of Science and Ecology. Or observe the unique natural attraction that the Patagonian steppe presents, with plateaus that reach the sea, forming the great cliffs.

There you will also be able to observe species of the Patagonian fauna such as guanacos, martinetas, European hares, caranchos, harriers, the small cuis and the black eagle among others. While the predominant flora of the steppe is characterized by the presence of low shrubs that line the Patagonian soil.

To still recreate in nature and the outdoors, you can access the Municipal Spa, located between the Municipal Sports Complex and the Old Pier, which during high summer season offers residents and tourists the possibility of enjoying the sun, practicing nautical activities and cool off in the transparent waters of the Atlantic Ocean coast.

In summer you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy the sun and do recreational and nautical activities, as well as practice coastal fishing in the San Jorge Gulf, since it meets all the necessary conditions for this type of sport. . In it, you can catch specimens of Patagonian silverside and snook throughout the year and in the summer (December to March) you can get rays, cathound and catfish sharks, roosterfish, grouper and pomfret.

Different beaches of the place

North Zone Beaches

    • Laguna de Los Patos: 5 km.

    • Fratszcher: 9 km.

    • Cerrito: 14 km.

    • La Escondida: 18 km.

    • Puente Roto: 20 km.

    • La Encajada: 22 km.

    • Bajada de la Osa: 30 km.

    • La Lobería: 38 km.

    • Playa Alsina: 40 km.

    • Playa La Cantera: 45 km.

    • Playa Bonita: 52 km.

South Zone Beaches

    • Lancha de Agüero: 12 km.

    • El Cruce: 16 km.

    • La Zaranda: 23 km.

    • Bahía Lángara: 24 km.

    • SUPE: 30 km.

    • Los Sauces: 31 km.

    • Las Golondrinas: 34 km.

    • Barco Hundido: 35 km.